Mouse Pad

BEST CORPORATE GIFTS MUMBAI Foam mouse pad & Gel mouse pad is on high demand because of its best quality, flexible price & unique customization for corporate gifting or for home use.

The three most important benefits of the introduction of the mousepad were higher speed, more precision, and comfort for the user. A secondary benefit was keeping the desk or table surface from being scratched and worn by continuous hand and mouse rubbing motion. Another benefit was the reduction of the collection of debris under the mouse, which resulted in reduced jitter of the pointer on the display.

EXTREME COMFORT: This mouse pad is designed with your comfort in mind. The thick gel wrist rest provides support that does not compress over time. The non-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place. And premium materials create a gentle surface that is pleasant to the touch.

COMPACT SIZE: The size is smaller than a standard mouse pad so it fits well in a busy work area. The ergonomic design provides more space for your mouse to move than a standard shape of other mouse pads.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The wrist support helps you keep your wrist in a neutral position that reduces pressure and pinching of the wrist. Many of our customers report reduced pain.

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